Guide to Competitive Programming and CSES Problem Set

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Almost a year ago, I released an online competitive programming book. Since then, the book has been downloaded over 500,000 times, and many people are already using it to learn competitive programming. I have also received a large amount of feedback, which has greatly improved the quality of the book. Thank you!

Now I have some news regarding the book. First, there is now a printed version of the book available with the title Guide to Competitive Programming, published by Springer. So if you want to buy a printed book and support my work, you can do it now. The book is available, for example, through Springer and Amazon.

How is the printed book different from the online book? Well, they are actually two different books. I have rewritten and restructured many parts of the book, and also added new material. The printed book discusses a selection of more advanced topics, such as suffix arrays, treaps, dynamic programming optimization, and parallel binary search. You can find a detailed table of contents here.

Note that the online version of the book will be freely available both now and in the future.

Then, there is also a new problem set called CSES Problem Set. It contains a collection of problems which can be used to practice the techniques explained in the books. The first version of the problem set is available here. New problems will be added every now and then; the goal of the problem set is to contain a comprehensive collection of "standard" competitive programming problems.

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