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Update 2018.11.01: Rezwan.Arefin01 made a very cool webapp which contains identical problemset, but with more usability. Thank you very much! You can check it here.

Note: There was some updates in 2018.10.05. See here for changes!

Hello! APIO 2018 is near the end, and IOI 2018 is in this September. I hope you are preparing it well!

I'm here to present my OI problem checklist :

I used this to train myself in IOI 2015~2016, and to train Korean IOI 2017 Team (probably 2018 too). For long it was in the "beta" phase, but I think it's now good enough to share!

This problemset contains about 300 ~ 400 hard and interesting problems, with appropriate judge links given. (If there is problem in judging, maybe ojuz can help that..)

Google Docs Link

I hope this can help anyone preparing for future OIs, and a complete answer to the question "How to excel at IOI-style contests" :D

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