JOI Past Problems in Codeforces [In English]

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Hello everyone!

We all know that JOI has a rich collection of high quality problems. But a fact is that almost all past problems are in Japanese, so many of us can't attempt to try / solve them.

Since Codeforces Polygon now supports setting OI Problems, I and some of my friends (ruhan.habib39, TheeLooser, Bruteforceman) took an initiative to translate the problems and upload them to Codeforces.

We will be having our first contest, JOI Spring Camp 2013 Day 1, today at 6:05 PM UTC+06

You need to join the Bangladesh Olympiad in Informatics Training Group (as Participant) to participate in the contest. You'll get full feedback about the tests, However, Codeforces currently doesn't show subtasks separately, also doesn't show points appropriately for single test. Hope you'll cope with the judging system.

Let's discuss the problems here after the contest ends.

Note: We created this contest for our own training, so we will be participating too.

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