2018 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest problemset on (now Codeforces) Gym

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UPD: 2018 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest problemset is now available on CODEFORCES Gym

UPD2: The original checker for problem C turns out to have non-deterministic behaviour due to insufficient array size. Fortunately, the false checking caused by the bug occurs rarely enough that the live contest (including the mirror in Codeforces) was not impacted (at least we did not receive complaints on the live contest). The checker was fixed on 23 June 2020 and all submissions have been rejudged. See this comment for more detail.

We would like to invite you to the mirror post-contest of 2018 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest. The contest will start on Sunday, 25 November 2018, 10.00AM Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7) (exactly 2 weeks after the real contest started).

The contest consists of 12 problems and you can solve them in 5 hours.

If you participated the contest, or have read the problems before, you are encouraged to not participate on the mirror post-contest :'( The problems should be available for upsolving after the 5 hours timer is up, though.

See you on top of the leaderboard (to those who plan to participate).

==== This post was heavily edited on November 20. The old post was kept below for archiving purposes. The title of the post was "2018 ICPC Asia Jakarta Regional Contest problemset on Gym" back then. ====

Sorry, I can't resist. (make sure to also read the "On a serious note" below the image)

On a serious note, following the comments on this thread, I am currently working on putting the problemset on (Codeforces) Gym, hopefully it can be done within a week or so. For those teams who are willing to participate in this contest virtually, my advice is not to read the problemset until then :) Stay tuned!


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