Indian ICPC Regionals

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Creating this blog for discussion of problems/solutions from Indian ICPC Regionals

Onsite Contest Standings:

Online Replay Contests:

There is also the whole issue with test cases in the regionals so far:


  • "Flipping Polygons" had wrong TCs which affected a few teams, with 3 of them getting AC later. Converting WA -> AC after contest is alright, but the time wasted by teams in trying to correct their codes could have been utilized in solving a different question.
  • "Three Strings" had really weak TCs, considering that solutions taking max prefix and max suffix only get AC as well. (Breaking test case: 1 abc cde bcde)


  • "Chef and Alien Invasion" again had wrong TCs, and teams were affected, with even the teams qualifying for World Finals changing places. ACs were converted to WAs after the contest (although that doesn't affect the ranks), not to mention that it was announced that the problemset for the regional was made 1 day before the contest, which is not what is expected of an ICPC regional.
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