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If you clicked my profile, you can know that my e-mail account registered in Codeforces is iDOLM@STER.life, which is both valid(according to RFC822) and quite exotic. (I personally like that term where I got response from SPOJ Forum, when I said that their system cannot my valid e-mail address.)

You might feel some anime addict bought a strange e-mail address, and yes it is.

I think that some of system do not see this as valid e-mail address, most of reason is that life contains 4 character, which makes lots of inconvenience situation to me.

For example, my university mail system is configured to receive mail only matching regex /^[0-9a-zA-Z]([-_\.]?[0-9a-zA-Z])*@[0-9a-zA-Z]([-_\.]?[0-9a-zA-Z])*\.[a-zA-Z]{2,3}$/i, which cannot accept e-mail address containing + character, life domain, and so on.

I think I cannot receive an e-mail including Codeforces. My another email account sakura@kyouko.moe, equally configured with idolm@ster.life can receive mail. I did not noticed it quite long, but once I tried to log in polygon, it says me to check e-mail inbox, and I cannot receive an e-mail. (Sure, I checked a spam mail box)

I just want to ask Codeforces to check this issue, and if you are developing e-mail-related system, just want you to think a little about weird anime addict using exotic e-mail address using iDOLM@STER.life. (You can use RFC822 standard anyway)

UPD: I think issue in codeforces was fixed. Thanks in advance.

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