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Hi CF community! I have been solving this problem( from quite a few days. Previously, I didn't know about Frobenius Numbers and then I solved this using it but still getting Wrong Answer. Here is my code



using namespace std;

long long fast_pow(long long base, long long n,long long M) { if(n==0) return 1; if(n==1) return base; long long halfn=fast_pow(base,n/2,M); if(n%2==0) return ( halfn * halfn ) % M; else return ( ( ( halfn * halfn ) % M ) * base ) % M; } long long findMMI_fermat(long long n,long long M) { return fast_pow(n,M-2,M); } int main() { int t; long long n,k; cin>>t; while(t--) { long long a=1000000007; cin>>n>>k;

       long long l=findMMI_fermat(n-1,a);
     long long f=(((((((k-2)%a)*l)%a)*(k%a))%a+k)%a-1)%a;
    long long count=0;

    long long l1=findMMI_fermat(k,a);
    long long f1=((f+1)%a*(l1%a))%a;
    long long f2;




return 0;


Also, I have a doubt in using Fermat's Theorem. In (a/b)%m, if a is not divisible by b, it is giving a large number than expected. Maybe I am somewhere wrong in my concept. Please help if possible. Thanks.


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