IOI vs CF performance: 2019 edition

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In response to blogs such as this and this, I have made a similar graph for IOI 2019. I was interested in finding how I could expect to do if I qualified, and the only metric I have at the time is CF rating (since there isn't anywhere to submit the problems as of now)

Spoiler 2

So, here it is:

Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • A lot of the participants didn't have their CF account on These participants were dismissed when making the graph
  • The ratings of the participants were taken at present time

As you can see, as in previous IOI demonstrated by the blogs above, even though there is a clear trend, there's too much variation in the data to get something out of. However, here are some interesting facts:

  • Out of the people that got gold, the one with the lowest rating, has a lower rating than the person that has the lowest rating out of the silver medals.
  • Only 30.58% of the participants have a linked CF account(!)
  • Mean ratings for each medal: (only with the ratings of the participants that had their account listed on
    • Gold: 2465.5625
    • Silver: 2248.24
    • Bronze: 2026.125
    • No Medal: 1799.2
  • Does this mean that people with lower ratings can't get a medal?
    • They can, but it's not as easy. The lowest ratings for each medal are:
      • Gold: 1883
      • Silver: 1932
      • Bronze: 1597
      • No Medal: 1223


If there are any issues with the statistics please let me know

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