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I suggest some type of contest.

Revision en2, by jjang36524, 2019-08-23 02:02:10

If there are these types of the contest, I think codeforces would be more interesting. 1. hackforces. This type of contest has absolutely zero pretest and weak system test. Some wrong code may get right if there is no hack. (Maybe no uphacking update would be good) 2. the G takes it all. The point of the problem would grow like 100 400 1600 6400 25600 102400. Exponentially. Who only barely solved g wins against who solved a~f in fast time. 3.Speed! The point of the problem reduces by half in 30 minutes. The first to the tenth solver of each problem would get the increased point. 4. The shortest round ever. Contest time would be 30 minutes, no reducing points for time, and LOTS of implementation problem! Who is the fastest typer in the world? Dear MikeMirzayanov


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