Google code Kickstart 2019 (Round E)

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Cherries Mesh:


use Kruskal to find mst of different components, then suppose there are K component then we require k-1 connection of 2 to connect them. answer=sum of mst of min wt of diff component+(k-1)*2;


Street Checkers


  1. number =2^p1*3^p2*5^p3......... number of factors=(p1+1)*(p2+1)*....
  2. total odd factors(X)=(p2+1)*()...
  3. total even factor=(p1+1)X-X=p1*X;
  4. diff=(p1-1)*X;
  5. if p1=0 -x>=-2 so 1 or prime number
  6. if p1=1 diff=0
  7. if p1=2 X<=2 so 4 or prime
  8. if p1=3 then only 8 is possible
  9. calculate if number is prime from L to R(using segmented sieve) the use above conditions.


I was unable to solve B I took C/E ratio and proceeded with greedy implementation but was getting the wrong answer.

Can anyone help?

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