Looking for a Challenge 2

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Hello everyone!

If you follow Codeforces blogs of Polish contestants like Swistakk and kostka, you know that "Looking for a Challenge?" book is once again available to buy, since the second revised edition was published last year.

If you watch "Algorithms Live!" talk show by tehqin, you may also know that there is a Volume Two of this book, containing solutions to 44 problems from the Polish Collegiate Programming Contest (national qualifications for ICPC) that were organized in 2011–2014 by the University of Warsaw. Up to now the book was available in Polish in limited edition only.

But this changes now! After proposing the idea to the University of Warsaw authorities, they agreed to publish the PDF with the full book. Therefore you can download it for free. The book has been edited by the same team as the Volume One, so you know what quality you can expect.

But this is not all! Since the book in Polish wouldn't get so much international attention (yet we all know that automatic translation services can be much of use here), I have decided to start a project of translating it to English. Currently the first part (out of four) of the translation is ready, and I am planning adding remaining parts in the following months. I will be keeping you updated by sharing the progress in the updates to this post. Hopefully the whole book will be ready before World Finals 2020.

Download the English translation of "Looking for a Challenge 2"

Happy reading and coding!

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