Codeforces Watcher 1.3.1: Blog posts and migration to coroutines

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Starting from the version 1.3.1 of Codeforces Watcher, users can see latest Blog Posts in Recent Actions tab. It's already downloadable in Google Play.

Last few weeks BOGDAN_ spent by educating himself about multithreading and coroutines, which aren't easiest things in the universe ;) Thanks to his learnings, we've migrated Codeforces Watcher to Coroutines and it looks just great. You can see one of examples of confluence between Redux and Couroutines in AppMiddleware.kt.

By the way, Codeforces Watcher in an open-source project, so you are always welcome to check it out and learn new things or make suggestion on improvements. Stars won't hurt too, of course ;)

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