Project Euler problems on HackerRank

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Can somebody tell me what's going on with Project Euler problems on HackerRank? Do they just steal the problems? Project Euler says that they ban everybody who spoils solutions to problems above 100, and it took me a few minutes to find a solution to one of the later problems with difficulty $$$80\%$$$.

I see a few options:

Maybe Project Euler doesn't know about it? -- Hackerrank isn't as quality as CF or PE, but still, I think that PE's admin would already hear about it, and it's big enough that it might look like a problem.

Maybe PE allows HR to take their problems? -- Of course, it's possible, but knowing the policy and rules of PE it looks very strange -- finding this code took was very easy, somebody just posted it in the comments section on HR.

Money? -- ???

The same admins? -- ???

Of course, everybody sometimes steals a problem, to use it in his/her school or university for example, but this looks like a huge process. Does anybody have any information? I'm just curious.


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