Don't let CF Ratings be a Joke!

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Ok,someone needs to say this!

I support all the new changes in the rating system except for one, which says divisions would be assigned by displayed ratings. This is a disaster! Please, change it!

Since, it's gonna take 6 contests for stabilisation of ratings,people whose true rating > 1600 would continue to give Div-3 and Div-4 contests. By the time, the rating stabilises, there are gonna be many undeserving Candidate Masters and Masters.

Trust me, it's gonna rain CMs! I believe majority of such false candidate masters would not give div-2/div-1 contests after that due to fear of fall. This would lead to degradation of a Candidate Master on Codeforces (just like 5-star coder on Codechef).

As Codechef has lost the credibility of their ratings due to Long Challenges, Codeforces is on the way to line up behind them, with the introduction of div-4 and now this.

It's my sincere request to MikeMirzayanov to look into this matter(at least don't let 1600+ contestants participate officially in div-3) and stop CF ratings from being a joke!

Note : Whatever I said about ratings being a joke does not apply to Masters and above.


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