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LIS using Segment Trees

Revision en2, by epsilon_573, 2020-11-14 09:12:18

So I have been trying to read on some articles in attempt to solve the recent CodeChef Long. I came across this article but I cannot understand it. It asks us to build array $$$t[]$$$ using $$$d[]$$$ , and then tells us to find $$$d[]$$$ using maximum of a prefix of $$$t[]$$$ using segment tree. If we are already building $$$t[]$$$ using $$$d[]$$$ , why do we need to find $$$d[]$$$ again??



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en2 English epsilon_573 2020-11-14 09:12:18 3 Tiny change: 'd[]$ again.\n\nThanks' -> 'd[]$ again??\n\nThanks'
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