CP can be profitable!

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Let me tell you the story of how I made $2200 from doing competitive programming.


Once many many fortnights ago Hackerrank held one of its weekly competitions, "Week of Code 29". The competition had some of my all time favorite problems: Almost Integer Rock Garden, Minimal Distance to Pi and Diameter Minimization. Not only were the problems really good, but I was also able to snatch my first top 10 placement ever.

As I recall the prize for getting placed 4 to 10 was a t-shirt and $75. More precisely these $75 were sent in Bitcoin. I received the $75 in Bitcoin on 21st of March 2017.

Prices 2017

When I got them, I didn't really know how to do anything with them, so I kind of just forgot about them. Turns out that the value of the Bitcoin has increased a bit since then:

Prices 2017-2021

30 times more to be precise! So today I just sold them for a bit over $2200. Not too shabby for an 8th place finish in a weekly competition! =D

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