Invitation to TOKI Regular Open Contest #18

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Happy (late) new year Codeforces community!

We are excited to invite you to TOKI Regular Open Contest (TROC) #18!

Key details:

Scoring distribution: 100 — 250 — 300 — 350 — 450 — 600 — 650

We would like to thank:

  • prabowo for admitting to be a masochist the amazing coordination of the round.
  • hocky for showing his very long tongue helping with problem preparation.
  • malfple and markus_geger for testing the problems and giving invaluable feedback.
  • fushar for the amazing TLX platform.

Please register to the contest, and we hope you will enjoy TROC #18!

P.S. we encourage you to read all problems! :)

UPD: Contest is Over!

Congratulations to our top 5:

  1. uwi
  2. neal
  3. natsugiri
  4. Pyqe
  5. noimi

Congratulations to our first solvers:

Editorial is available here (English version is available on page 8)

You can upsolve the problems here.

Thank you for participating and see you on the next contest!

P.S.(2) Did you notice an easter egg in the problemset?

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