Google Hashcode 2021 Practice Round Discussion

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Hello everyone,

Since the practice round doesn't seem to provide a scoreboard, I'd like to open this thread to discuss scores and possible approaches for the problem. We got the following scores after some mostly trivial ideas:

  • A: 65
  • B: 13,328
  • C: 702,974,812
  • D: 7,602,227
  • E: 10,477,632
  • Total: 721,068,064

We mostly did some greedies, followed by randomly taking a small subset and computing best answer for that subset. I tried to use max weight bipartite matching but failed to make it work well; I don't have fast codes for max weight general matching, which could have been used to compute "good" pairs of pizzas. Did anyone manage to make this approach work or have a better idea which gave significantly better score?


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