A Question to JAVA Software Engineers

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I know this is not connected to Competitive Programming, but just ignore this one blog if it does not interest you in any sense.

I have a question to software engineers who work in a good company and use JAVA or teach JAVA or just is very strong in JAVA. There must be many of them here.

Where did you learn JAVA in depth? There are a lot of tutorials on internet, but they does not satisfy me. I want to learn how does the memory work for everything (not only storing the integers), how JAVA compiles the code, how those JVM, JRE, JDK things work in depth and many other things, that is in short I want to know everything about how the classic (without any additional frameworks) JAVA works in depth. Probably this is not that helpful in the process of software development, but it interests me a lot.

I'm looking for any course, book that are not very outdated and satisfies my interests.

Thanks for your time!


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