Time Capsule For CF

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I have set a reminder on my cloud (meaning if I get a new device I will still receive the reminder) to comment on this blog in 5 years, then 10 years. Doing so will bring it back up in recent actions and in turn create a time capsule of sorts. This means that the rankings for the top 30 rated and contributors will be different and we can compare the two. Unfortunately, this wasn't done in the past for CF during the early days 11-10 years ago and most of the information from that time period is just legend. I hope that this will bring some sort of reaction out of your future selves and prompt you to think back on the past. Comment something below so you too can be a part of this experience and cf history.



(also congrats Radewoosh for recently achieving top 1 on the site, something I heard you aimed to do from years ago)


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