Invitation to C.O.D.E.R.S (Rated for Div 2 & Div 3) — 29th Nov

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How you Doin'?

CodeChef NSUT Chapter is proud to invite you to C.O.D.E.R.S, which takes place on Monday, November 29 at 20:00(IST). The contest is rated for Div. 2 & Div. 3 participants.


Each division has six problems to solve in a duration of three hours. We have tried our best to keep the problem statements interesting yet short. And, YES! the theme of the contest is F.R.I.E.N.D.S, could it BE any more exciting?

Joining me on the organising panel are:

Good luck to all the participants!

UPDATE: Contest is postponed by one hour due to technical glitch.

UPDATE: Really sorry for the inconvenience. We did not intend this to happen. Due to various contests lined up in the coming days, we have decided to organise this contest on Monday, November 29. Coincidentally, it is my birthday too. :)


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