By Michael, 10 years ago, translation, In English

Congratulations to Petr Mitrichev (Petr), the Yandex.Algorithm 2011 Champion!

Congratulations also to Dmitry Dzhulgakov (dzhulgakov), Makoto Soejima (rng_58), Ivan Metelsky (ivan.metelsky), Alexey Levin (levlam) and Gennady Korotkevitch (tourist) who placed 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 respectively! They solved as many problems as the champion. Full results are available here

Problems turned out to be really difficult: nobody managed to solve more than 3 problems during the 2 hours of competition. Problem A was considered much simpler than all others by the contest authors, but less than half of participants could solve it, and even the champion lacked 30 seconds to fix the last bug. Only one coder could solve problem E: Xhark from Korea.

Problem E was suggested by Ilya Kornakov (ilyakor) who is also a developer in my group at Yandex :) Problem A about domino and a guy named Gena was powered by Ivan Popelyshev (ivan.popelyshev). Problem B — Stanislav Pak, C — Denis Yarets. All three are also our employees. Problem D was suggested by Artem Ripatti. My problem was rejected at the last minute, so it will wait for you at the Petrozavodsk training camp :)

Thanks to all finalists, authors, participants out of competition, contest organizers, MIPT for the accomodations and the main sponsor — Yandex.

Good luck to everybody who competes in the OpenCup onsite today!

A few more photos from the competition:

Petr and our foreign guests rng_58, wata and dolphinigle
ivan.metelsky, MikeMirzayanov and pieguy

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By Michael, 10 years ago, translation, In English

Hi everybody!

Yandex.Algorithm finalists were gathering in Dolgoprudny... Everybody in their own unique way :)

dzhulgakov, pieguy, levlam and Progger turned out to be the most organized and arrived at the start of the Summer School. They've already socialized with other participants and began solving and competing in the practical bioinformatics problem using a distributed Hadoop cluster accessible for all school participants — good for them! Two Japanese buddies rng_58 and wata landed at Sheremetyevo airport on July 13 at 17.55, and an hour later they were already receiving their badges from me. Their fellow-countryman LayCurse mixed up the dates and took the tickets for the same flight but for July 14 :) tourist with his father came in the morning on July 14th, and dolphinigle landed yesterday late in the evening and told me I was the first man in Russia he met who spoke English :) ivan.metelsky "burst" into the room of the School organizers sleeping after yesterday's party at 8 AM; he got there himself without any instructions :) e-maxx arrived at Moscow by train at 10.38 in the morning and made his way directly to the competition with our other friends from Saratov - with some adventures on the way: the electric trains to Dolgoprudny have a break from 11.10 till 13.40. ktuan decided last minute that he won't spend his last univercity vacation for the finals, and Burunduk1 seems to have been too busy with teaching high school students and didn't answer my e-mails and phone calls (tut-tut, Sergey!) — I wonder whether he will be coming last minute. Petr will drive here from Moscow just before lunch. My intern zeliboba studies at MIPT and lives in the same building where all the other participants of the Summer School, so he'll probably come to the contest floor last :)

Everybody can register and participate in the round as usual. Those who don't participate in the onsite round will be out of competition, but the round is rated for everybody in Div-1.

I remind you that the contest time is unusual today: we will start at 16.00 The problems are harder than usual in Div-1 today — looking forward to a bitter struggle!

Update: full results

A few photos from the School's life starring our finalists Progger и pieguy:

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By yaro, 10 years ago, translation, In English

Hello, dear participants and spectators!

Let me remind you that the elimination phase of the open programming competition "Yandex.Algorithm" comes to an end. With it this means that the time for the most important event of the phase has come: the elimination round for the finals (finals will be held at the Yandex Summer School)! This means that today two hundred best participants of the tournament (based on the results of the previous qualification rounds) will compete to get into the top-15 of the world olympiad programming community.

We hope that the round will be appreciated not only by the participants but also by the spectators, who will have the opportinity to watch the events developing for at least two hours.

Please, pay attention to the problems' costs: 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 2500. I also advise you to read all the statements, as the choice of the costs and the order is certainly subjective.

Round will be rated for all the participants (including those competing hors concours).
Good luck to the participants. The problems are going to be rather hard, so you'll have to do your best!

I also wish a spectacular round to the rest!

Round is over. According to the results, 20 participants solved at least three problems, and just one (the winner) was able to solve the fourth. The first three places were taken by Petr Mitrichev, Gennady Korotkevich and Sergey Kopeliovich. Congratulations!

In addition to this, 15 leaders advanced to the finals: Petr, tourist, Burunduk1, ivan.metelsky, dzhulgakov, e-maxx, LayCurse, rng_58, pieguy, zeliboba, ktuan, levlam, wata, dolphinigle, Progger .

Problems proved to be rather tough. Here's the full analysis.

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By frost_nova, 10 years ago, translation, In English

We are glad to welcome all contestants of a qualifying contest "Yandex.Algorithm 2011 - Round 1".

Today's round authors are Vitaly Goldshteyn, Ignat Kolesnichenko, Stanislav Pak and Denis Yarets. All we are employees or interns of Yandex. We really appreciate Artem Rakhov, Maria Belova and Mike Mirzayanov who helped us to prepare the contest. We hope that our tasks will be quite interesting and you will get much fun solving them.

As you may know top 200 contestants after this round will be able to continue fighting for spots in the final round.

Please pay attention that as well as during the previous qualifying round Codeforces functionality will be a little cut down for the time of the competition. Do not worry, all will return into place after the end of the round.

Round will be rated for the official participants, and for those who failed to qualify and participate out of competition (unofficial).

Good luck and high rating for everyone!

Tasks analysis: C

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By NALP, 10 years ago, translation, In English

I'm glad to welcome all fans of programming!

The second qualifying round Yandex.Algorithm will take place today, and it was prepared for you by Artem Rakhov, Michael Mirzayanov and me.

Please pay attention that as well as during the previous qualifying round Codeforces's functionality will be a little cut down for the period of the competition. Don't worry, all will return into place after the round termination.

I remind the best 500 participants pass in Yandex. Algorithm 2011 Round 1 which will take place on May, 20th at 19.00

Good luck!

UPD: the contest is over, congratulations to the winner - tourist!

I recall this competition was a qualifying round, and the best 500 will take part in Yandex.Algorithm Round 1!

Today two participants were the most lucky - Hossein_Hima and ss.nurboolean, - they have taken 499-500 places together with result 978 scores.

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By MikeMirzayanov, 10 years ago, translation, In English


This round will start Yandex.Algorithm 2011. The problems of the round were prepared by me, of course, with the help of the Codeforces team and Yandex.

I hope you enjoy the problems and their solution will start a successful performance at the tournament.

As you have already noticed — the system operates in a somewhat truncated form. We decided to run it in safe mode and turn off some functionality at the time of the contest. After the round everything will be back.

I recall that the top 500 participants will receive a ticket to the first online round of the Yandex.Algorithm. However, if you do not get to qualify at this time, do not despair — you can participate in the second qualification, which will be held on May 6 at 15:00 (UTC).

I wish you have a fun,

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By Michael, 10 years ago, translation, In English

We are glad to introduce Yandex open programming competition "Yandex.Algorithm" hosted by Codeforces. The competition starts on May 4th and will consist of two qualification rounds, two online rounds and a final onsite round. Some of the rounds are created by Yandex employees. The onsite round will be held at the Yandex Summer School in Distributed Computing in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.

Any registered member of Codeforces can participate. There will be 5 rounds, 2 hours each. 15 winners of the last online round will be invited to participate in the Summer School and in the final round of Yandex.Open. 70 best participants will get T-shirts.

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