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Hi, Codeforces Community!

Codefest'18 — a diverse roster of high-quality programming competitions by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT(BHU), Varanasi is excited to present Perplexed — the constrained programming event.

Perplexed is one of the most innovative events of CodeFest, whose target is not only gauge a contestant's coding abilities but also how one tackles different situations and constraints. The problemset will include all mind-boggling coding problems, ranging from code obfuscation to stricter memory limits, character limits, time limits, etc

The contest will take place at HackerRank. This contest will be an individual event with a duration of 3 hours, from Aug/31/2018 21:00 IST. With the creativity that the problems will naturally encourage and INR 50,000 at stake, there is absolutely no reason for a programmer to not give this one a shot!

The contest has been prepared by GT_18, code_kika, Rmatrix and me(Enigma27).

Prizes -

1st Prize-Rs.20000

2nd Prize-Rs.12000

3rd Prize-Rs.8000

1st in India-Rs.6000

1st in IIT(BHU)-Rs.3000

1st in 1/2 year in IIT(BHU)-Rs.1000

UPD : Contest has ended

Overall Winners

  1. tourist
  2. Golovanov399
  3. marcin_smu

India First : hitman623

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