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Hi, I was solving problem "20C — Dijkstra?". At first, I implemented through priority_queue. I got verdict "memory limit exceeded on test 31". I then realised that, if a single node relaxed more than once, priority_queue enqueue the node more than once. This may be the cause of memory limit exceed.

Then I have designed another algorithm with c++ std::set. I kept all the pair of cost and node number in that set. Then whenever a node to be relaxed, I firstly erase that node from the set, then update the node cost and insert to the set again. I believe this algorithm needs O(n) memory. Because there at most n pairs in the set. But I got verdict "memory limit exceeded on test 31" again. I don't know how it takes more memory or which test cases make it inefficient.

My implementation: http://ideone.com/2vNqOS

This is my first post. Thanks in advance. :)

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