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Me, Blobo2_Blobo2, fadi_gamal57, PeterRaafat qualified to this year's IIOT(International Informatics Olympiad in Teams) yay!

Thanks to Minister of Communication and Technology, they will pay the schengen visa price (400£). Now the only thing on our expenses is the airplane tickets. The tickets for the 4 of us from Egypt to Rome then from Rome to Bologna(for both going and returning) is around a total of ~1600$ for my team.

Our dream in the first place is competing in an international informatics competition and my team worked hard to achieve this dream and finally we have been qualified to the finals in Italy but going there depends on collecting the money for airplane tickets. We will be grateful for every donation even if it is a small contribution.

If you want to donate, you can freely donate here: https://gogetfunding.com/iiot-fundraising/

Our minimum target is 800$. We hope that we can collect at least the minimum before the deadline. In case you have any inquires, you can ask me privately here on codeforces or on discord: Ahmadsm2005#4953

Edit: Thanks to VELJAODI for suggesting a cheaper method by flying from Egypt to Rome then taking a train from Rome to Bologna. We only need around 1600$ max.

We decided to create a new blog for the fundraising(instead of the old one in which we explained the situation) to have a better reach. We are really sorry for the spam.

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Good Job. I wish you all the best. I Qualified to the IIOT Egyptian qualifications Finals I thought Mr.Robots Qualified wish you the best and make Egypt Proud of you. I Thought the minister is going to take care of the teleportation. I'll Donate what i can do. Keep up the good work