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     Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 1
     by Tim Roughgarden

I think this course will be very useful and this is the right position to post this post.
This course started already ( from short period of time ) So you still have a chance to join and see First week lectures and submit Assignments.
FYI ,I will start after writing this post.
This course is part #1 and I think it contains most of Algorithms you need to be good at competitions
you can check what you will learn in Syllabus
but to summarize you will learn Algorithm Analysis,D&C,Sorting & Searching,BFS,DFS,SCC,Topological Sort,Dijkstra,Heaps , Hash Tables,BST,... and more
Students who successfully complete the class will receive a statement of accomplishment signed by the instructor.Tim Roughgarden
So let us try to pass this course and to be ready for next part.
Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2

So I hope to discuss course here and discussion of problems will be after the Hard Deadline for each week.
I will try to post deadlines of assignments.
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I went through this course twice. Yes, this is a good starter for those who didn't learn much about algorithms. I liked professor Roughgarden very much — on first impression he gives material as your friend or buddy, but in the end you can say that all his proofs were rigorous enough and material was very good. Part 2 is even better.

I even picked up some phrases like "blazingly fast", "let's be a little sloppy". He can do some funny comments like — "Sorting is very cheap being n*log(n). When you look at the problem at hand ask yourself — why not sorting inputs? Why do you need it? Why not if it's so cheap :)"