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By Nerevar, 12 years ago, translation, In English
Two features were added to the interface in order to improve the view of the contest standings.

1. Standings table is now divided into several pages of 20 participants each. If the current page doesn't contain the row with your result, this row will be added to the top or to the bottom of the table, depending on relative position of your result to the results of the participants on the current page.

2. It is possible to add some users to your friend list and to view only friend's results on the separate page. The friendship relation is asymmetric: to add some user to friends your do not need they confirmation. To add the user to your firend list click on the gray star near their nickname on their profile page. After it this star will be yellow. To remove the user from your friend list, click on the star again.

For better performance of the web-application during the contest and some period of time after the end of the contest all links to the standings will lead to the standings table divided into pages. If you want to see such table in the other time, you can append the url of the standings with /page/page_number, where page_number is the number of the page, starting from 1. For example,
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