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Someday I was surfing the internet and found an interesting website — For those, who doesn't know, this site is a free collection of plenty of online courses related to many branches of science. It differs from the others in several ways, the most important is there are deadlines for assignments. So now you should be planning your time more effectively.

Resource already contains 111 courses from up to 17 leading universities and the list grows almost everyday. You can find any course: from Quantum mechanics and quantum computing and Scala function programming to "How things work"

More detailed information about learning: several times a week there are a new lecture, after watching it you are offered to take an assignment. Judging systems differ, but there is one thing in common — you should complete it before the due time ends, otherwise you will not get statement of accomplishment, as well as you fail some assignments. There are additional assignments which are not checked by course staff but very helpful for practicing.

There is a forum for every course where you can discuss your misunderstandings or tricky moments in assignments. For each course there is a page contains all information about recommended background, workload, et cetera.

Of course there are some courses :) related to Computer Science. For example:
- Algorithms, Part I
- Machine Learning
- Cryptography
- Neural Networks for Machine Learning
Even that quantum mechanics course, which i have mentioned, contains lectures about quantum algorithms: Quantum Fourier Transform, Shor's factoring algorithm, et cetera.

And remember, knowledge is power.

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