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I'm solving problem L — Windy Path from 2016-2017 ACM-ICPC Pacific Northwest Regional Contest (Div. 1). But, when I submitted my solution, I got "Denial of Judgement". I tried to resubmit it many times, but nothing changed. What should I do? Thanks in advance.

Link to my submission

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There seems to be a problem with the checker for that task. I don’t know any more details on this.

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I've just made a "Denial of Judgement" search on Codeforces, and found these:

MikeMirzayanov's blog

luyi0619's blog

Saeed.Sryhini's blog

Quoting from MikeMirzayanov's blog:

"It should be mentioned that apart from standard verdicts, you can get "Denial of judgement", which usually means that your solution can't be launched, or it has unexpectedly failed. For example, is the Delphi array is too big, the compiler compiles the code, but the result will be the incorrect win32 exe-file. Solutions with the verdicts like "Compilation failed", "Denial of judgement", "Judgement failed" will be ignored while summing the results."

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Denial of Judgement means the checker returns FAIL. Even though it is a technical error, it's most likely that your solution is indeed incorrect. So you can (sometimes) consider it as Wrong Answer.

P/s: In some case, your code provides a better solution than the author's one. You will get Denial of Judgement and in this case, you have to worsen your code :P

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It looks like your answer is incorrect, but the checker is crashing. You can assume that this is just a regular WA. More specifically, you are printing "1 2 3 4" for the first test case, which doesn't match the given turn sequence. I can try to fix it if I can find the original source code of the checker (I'm not sure where it is now).