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Hey there,

I recently switched from Chrome to Firefox (with the release of Firefox Quantum), and CHelper was one of the extensions which caused me to still use Chrome for some specific tasks. I always wanted to make a browser extension, and because the original CHelper extension got a few broken problem parsers, I decided to make my own.

There are a few differences between the original extension and this one:
- I fixed (most of?) the broken problem parsers
- I added contest parsers which can parse an entire contest at once (just like how you would parse a normal problem)
- It's available for both Chrome and Firefox (even though the original extension works fine on Firefox, but it is not published on Mozilla's AMO making it a bit harder to install)

Problem parsers are available for the following websites:
- Atcoder
- Bayan
- CodeChef*
- Codeforces
- CSAcademy*
- E-Olymp*
- Facebook Hacker Cup
- HackerEarth*
- HackerRank*
- Kattis
- Timus*
- Yandex

Contest parsers are available for the following websites:
- AtCoder*
- CodeChef*
- Codeforces*
- E-Olymp*
- Google Code Jam
- HackerEarth*
- HackerRank*
- Kattis*
- Timus*

* Not available (or working properly) in the original CHelper extension (v4.1.11.1)

The reason not to update the original extension is that the original extension is centered around the idea that the Java plugin parses the problem page, while I think JavaScript is a better tool for that job.

Available for Chrome and Firefox. The source code is available on GitHub.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

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