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By gru, history, 8 months ago, In English,

Hi, I am currently in my 4th year(India) of engineering and I am doing internship in a well reputed company. And ofcourse, this is my fake profile to hide my identity(which I am sure is impossible :P).

Anyways coming to the point, what do you think is the best job for a competitive programmer? Last year I did internship at a startup and I really enjoyed working there. We had to build new stuff using python. But my current internship work is really boring. It's more like bug fixing.

According to me best job for a competitive programmer will be problem setting. I think people who love CP go for Software Development jobs of because of higher pay and you can't be problem setter for whole part of your life? :D

So here is another question. What do you wanna do when you turn 40? Software development like most of us doing? Same question for people who are full-time problem setter.

And which companies in India provide full time problem setter job? I know only hackerearth, hackerrank and doselect.

Thank you for reading. And please do reply. I really don't like my current job. :)

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I don't know exactly the answer. But being a good competitive programmer is helpful when you include it in your CV. That means you have good debugging skills, and good in algorithms and maths. So that will help you in find new jobs.

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