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Hello CodeForces community!

With great enthusiasm and excitement, I would like to invite you to register for CodeChef’s 5th edition of SnackDown which is open to anyone who has a knack for programming. In a truly global spirit of competition, CodeChef organizes SnackDown with an aim to bring the top coders from the world under one roof for its final onsite round in India. Along with the total cash prizes of $20.5K , there are special slots and prizes for Top School Teams, Top Girls teams and Best Indian Teams. And of course the chance to experience a fully sponsored trip to India.

To know how it feels to be an onsite finalist at SnackDown, Have a glance at last year’s SnackDown video here-

The registrations for the online rounds of SnackDown have begun, You can register a team upto 2 or go solo!

To register, go to —

If you are a programming enthusiast who likes to spread the love for coding by spreading awareness about competitive programming, join our SnackDown Representative Program — The objective of the program is to spread the awareness about SnackDown and competitive programming among students and professionals alike across various institutes/organisations.

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Less than 10 minutes to start the qualification round! the contest page can be found here:

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what's the criteria to advance from this round? number of problems to solve for example? I cannot find it anywhere. Any help is appreciated :)