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Hello codeforces,

as you may know, the famous book "Looking for a challenge?" is quite beloved by our community, given it has really interesting/hard problems and editorials from problem's writer itself.

Recently I got back to my copy, craving to know if I could solve it entirely. On each question statement, the book gives you a URL for that particular question. The problem is, they are outdated. The last time I tried to upload a solution to that URL, at least it gave me another option to it. But now, this is what we see:

For those who don't know polish (Or don't know the magic of google translate), this domain is no longer being properly used to host the questions.

After searching through the web (also here), I couldn't find the site that I once visited, and fortunately I found! Here it is:

Since some of you do not have a copy yet, the value of the book is in each writer's explanation (which I'm not allowed to make it public) of their question and lastly the questions are public to be solved, I took the time to gather the links to those precious (and freaking hard!! ò.ó) questions:

  1. Ants
  2. Hyperclock
  3. Fishes
  4. Pilots
  5. Skiers
  6. Barricades
  7. Travel Agency
  8. Mushrooms
  9. Sweets
  10. Coding of permutations
  11. Rooks
  12. Monkeys
  13. Plotter : your help comes here
  14. Termites
  15. Window
  16. Altars
  17. Axes of Symmetry
  18. Leonardo Numbers
  19. Ritual : your help comes here
  20. Questions
  21. Chocolate
  22. Fibonacci sums
  23. The search : your help comes here
  24. Hashing : your help comes here
  25. Afternoon tea
  26. Kangaroos
  27. Sums
  28. Superknight
  29. Ice skates
  30. Termites 2
  31. Cave
  32. Shuffle
  33. Game of tokens : your help comes here
  34. Straight lines
  35. Guilds
  36. Reconstruction of byteland
  37. Army training
  38. Riddle
  39. Fuel
  40. Ploughing
  41. Canoes
  42. Painter's studio
  43. Triangles : your help comes here
  44. Triangles 2
  45. Circular game
  46. Byteland
  47. Cakes
  48. Building blocks
  49. Matching
  50. Party : your help comes here
  51. Dice
  52. Two parties
  53. Guesswork : your help comes here

For those eagle eyed readers, some questions I couldn't find there, I'm sorry =(

But fear not! If you have the particular missing link, please leave a comment so we can make it complete. Also, if you found anything wrong on this list, let me know so I can fix it (It's a pretty long list and I'm tired from working all day).


PS : Thanks to my amazing friend and teacher that loaned me this book and never asked it back (I could give him props, linking his account, but he has like 30 different candidate master accounts, so ... enough of lists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯).

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Szkopul is the successor to the If you got through the right directory and still can't find it, then it's simply not there. People are working through it, so we'd better be patient.

Btw, Baekjoon OJ has a wide-but-not-maintained judge of POI, which you can submit some of the problems. For example, Party, Ritual.

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    Thank you very much for the link! I'll later search the remaining questions on it.

    Do you have any idea why those 8 questions are not currently on Szkopul? Or they were never in in the first place ?