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Online service uses Codeforces API to compare two users' submitted task solutions. This service considers only the last 10,000 submits for each of the two handles. The last submit for every task is displayed.

Permanent link

You can save the link for comparing two handles to your bookmarks. When you reload that page the table reloads too. Permanent link format: https://global.wani4ka.ru/cf/tasks/handle1/handle2, where handle1 and handle2 are handles of two users to compare. Example: https://global.wani4ka.ru/cf/tasks/Wani4ka/tourist

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Hi, nice website https://global.wani4ka.ru/cf/tasks/Wani4ka/tourist, but what I think will be most useful to people like me is to compare the topic with tags, like if User 1 had solved some DP, Binary Search problems and I hadn't solved them, so I could see those question, Basically, I mean questions by Tags will be a more useful feature. btw thanks for the website.

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    Thank you for your feedback. I will think about your idea :)

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Is this feature discontinued? The link is not working. It says "This site can't be reached".