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By SoshkinRoman, 12 months ago, translation, In English,

From January, 29 to February, 08, Petrozavodsk State University held the 36th training camp of the strongest student teams in preparation for the ICPC World Finals. The Camp is held since 2001 twice a year (at the end of January and August). This time 53 teams from 33 universities, 21 cities, 10 countries (Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, South Korea, Japan) took part in the competitions.

As part of the Camp, the sixteenth open international competitions for the Cup of the Head of the Republic of Karelia in team programming were held. The current world champions won the cup — a team of MSU: Mikhail Ipatov, Vladislav Makeev, Grigory Reznikov. And they became the best in the final results for all 9 working days of the camp (results).

The Camp was held according to the traditional scheme of 9 working days and two days of rest for recuperation (schedule link). On weekends one could choose different options for outdoor activities: bowling, trampolines, karting. Karting

One of the peculiarities of the Camp is that part of the contests are prepared in advance by the participants. For example, this time there were contests from Ildar Gainullin, Alexander Kulkov, Belarusian University and Petrozavodsk State University.

The next Camp in Petrozavodsk will be held at the end of August, and registration for those who wish will open in May. On the page you can find contacts to connect to the organizers, and a full archive of photos of past camps is available in the VK group.

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F for Red Panda

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Petr camp is so intense that participants need two days to recuperate :)

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I took part in the 35th camp in Summer 2018 and I would definitely recommend it if you are aiming for World Finals and have the chance. The camp was very well organized, the staff were all very helpful and friendly. Contest authors worked hard to give us English contest analysis even there were only 3 non-Russian teams. It is unfortunate that the Winter 2019 camp is during the Spring Festival(Chinese New Year) so we decided not to go. Maybe the only downside is getting to Petrozavodsk is difficult, had to take 5+ hour train from SPb.

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    I agree, my team from Pakistan was once offered a free participation, but we refused to go because of that 5h SPb-Ptz train.