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Hello Codeforces users!

On behalf of the DMOJ community, I invite all of you to participate in the DMPG '19 online mirror contests. The DMPG '19 is a set of 3 contests divided into three divisions, Gold (hard), Silver (medium), and Bronze (easy). Each contest is a 3-hour virtual contest with a problemset of 6 problems which are disjoint from the other divisions, so you can choose to participate in any subset of the contests (or, if one division is too hard, you can switch to an easier division). These contests will not impact any rating on any platform, so feel free to just enter and look at the problems without any obligation to write code for them. The contests will be hosted on the DMOJ platform.

Gold Contest | Silver Contest | Bronze Contest

The contest window is 24 hours beginning today at 10:00 a.m. EDT and ending at the same time tomorrow; you may pick any 3 hour interval at your convenience during this contest window to solve the problems in. Your interval will end after 3 hours or when the contest window ends at 10:00 a.m. EDT on April 26.

The scoring format will be in the form of subtasks; you get partial marks for each subtask you solve correctly. Additionally, each of the 6 problems have a maximum of 100 points, so a perfect score will be 600 points. During the contest you will have full feedback. Ties in the scoreboard will be broken by the sum of highest-scoring submission times.

For the bronze and silver division, the problems are approximately arranged in order of increasing difficulty. The gold division is ordered to mimic the standard order of a two day contest (problems 1 and 4 are easiest, followed by problems 2 and 5, and finally problems 3 and 6 are the most difficult).

The difficulty of the Gold contest is between that of a CF Div 1 round and a CF Div 2 round. The Silver contest is easier than the average CF Div 2 round. The Bronze contest is easier than a CF Div 3 round, between the difficulty of a USACO Bronze and Silver contest.

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