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Does anyone know how can I download the full test cases for a particular problem? And if this is not possible, WHY is it not possible? Is that intentional?

One of my problems failed today and I wanted to debug it, but the test case is truncated because it's too long. Thank's

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No you can't. As of why I can only guess but Codeforces pay people for a reason. They have the rights for these problems and if they give it away then you could see someone creating some mirror of the whole website taking away some of the traffic. I am sure despite cf being non-profit and not having ads they still want their website to be visited by as many people as possible.

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    I am not sure this works as a reason. I, at least, would only want to be able to download the test cases after the contest is over, to allow me to understand my errors (see, for example where I know test 4 failed, but I have no idea what the input was). A site duplicating contests after they had finished on Codeforces would be of little value.

    Also, for problems in which the individual tests are small (which includes some of the most interesting ones) the complete test cases are available from the submission page.

    I know the ability to download test cases has been asked for many times, but if it is not being done as a matter of policy it would be very interesting to understand the reasons for this policy.

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You can generate your own random test cases for small input sizes and test your optimized solution with a brute-force checker. If you are on Linux this video might be useful. Link