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Hello Codeforces.

RECursion, the coding community of NIT Durgapur, is organizing coding contest RECode 9.0 which will be held on 15 November at 19:30 IST. We invite you all to participate in the contest.

The contest will be held on the Codechef platform.

The contest consists of 6 problems to be solved in 2 hours.

There are exciting prizes for winners:
- Overall First Prize: Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs 3000/-
- First from NIT Durgapur: Amazon Gift Voucher worth Rs 2000/-
- First of Second year(NIT Durgapur): Exciting Goodies.
- First of First Year(NIT Durgapur): Exciting Goodies.
- Top Three from Ranklist will get CodeChef Laddus.

You can take a look at our previous contests here:
RECode 2.0
RECode 4.0
RECode 5.0
RECode 6.0

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