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By duckladydinh, history, 6 months ago, In English,

Hi guys,

since I know you great coders are interviewing around the world and cracked lots of system design interviews. I want to ask if you would recommend some System Design interview 'complete' guide (in a '1 book' for example, not necessarily short but complete and in 1 self-contained form) for a competitive programmer to ace his coming interview?

I just realized I have zero knowledge of it when I need it. Of course, I do not expect much, though.

Thanks and happy coding

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  Vote: I like it +12 Vote: I do not like it has some good paid courses on both High level system design as well as Object oriented design.
P.S: I am not promoting their products/services, I studied OO design from there and found it quite helpful.

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    I don't really like video, though. I am an avid reader and especially when the remaining time is short.

    Thanks, anyway :)

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I used System Design Primer when I had little time to prepare for an interview. It has short, medium and long study guides which is really helpful.

Also this comment on LC summarizes the range of topics that you need to be familiar with.