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I thought it would be fun to put together short virtual contests for newer CPers that consist of quality problems with a certain type (for example, an all graphs contest). Using the mashups and groups feature, I have put together 4 already. If you're new and would like to see where you stand on these types of problems, feel free to take and then upsolve these. If you're not new, they may be good practice anyway.

These can be found here: Link to Codeforces Group

I currently have a set for math, greedy, dp, and graphs. The DP and graph sets are slightly harder (graphs and dp are <= 1800, whereas math and greedy only go <= 1600).

Unfortunately, I didn't put together editorials. If you're really stuck, feel free to ask on my CP discord: Link

If there is a new topic you guys want me to put together, let me know. Hope this helps! -Jellyman

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Is there a way to get from the mashup'd problem to the original problem? (Other than web searching the name lol)

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    Not that I'm aware of... I tried to find a way but couldn't