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By hotpepsi, history, 4 years ago, In English

I have added Codeforces rating histories to my site. If you use same handle name for both sites, you can see Codeforces rating graph at https://competitiveprogramming.info/topcoder/handle/YOUR_TOPCODER_HANDLE

(here is mine: https://competitiveprogramming.info/topcoder/handle/hotpepsi )

Thanks for providing API, Codeforces!

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By hotpepsi, history, 5 years ago, In English

As rng_58 mentioned, I have created a website to provide SRM statistics.

SRM matches: https://competitiveprogramming.info/topcoder/srm

Profile: https://competitiveprogramming.info/topcoder/handle/YOUR_TOPCODER_HANDLE

Competition history: https://competitiveprogramming.info/topcoder/srm/history/YOUR_TOPCODER_HANDLE

Also, you can see submissions of practice rooms. Please check below instructions. https://competitiveprogramming.info/help


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