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Hello Codeforces!

Me and my friends at DMOJ would like to bring you our new years contest at Jan 1, 2pm UTC. There will be 8 problems and 12 hours to do them(although it certainly possible to finish earlier). The problems will range from div.2 B to div.1 D level in difficulty. See the contest page for details and to register. The authors of the problems are r3mark, WallE256, kiritofeng, kobortor, and me(imaxblue). Thanks to FatalEagle for helping us prepare the contest.

Note: The point distribution is 50-100-100-100-200-200-300-500

Good luck to all who are doing the contest!

Edit: A little less than 10 hours left! You can still catch up if you haven't started yet.

Edit: The round is over. Congratulations to the winners:

  1. krijgertje

  2. --d

  3. Andrei1998

  4. Wrinx

  5. Gritukan

Final Edit: Editorials are now available on the site. You will find the link to each problem's editorial at the problem page on DMOJ. Hope you all had fun doing the contest.

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