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By primorial, 6 years ago, In English,

Topcoder has the new interface, for some time now. My initial reaction was "oh, that's interesting", but later it has turned to "clean, unusable, irritating".

Previously, their website was complex, but once you'll get to know it — it was getting things done (like looking at past contests and different statistics, reading editorials, participating in events, and etc.), although it didn't have the modern "look".

After remaking it, they've removed most of the functionality and added lags and problems with interactiveness (e.g. got bad experience when trying to use it from tablet, slow interactive loading and etc). As for me, this now looks like the story of how design beat the common sense.

I was wondering whether someone had the same impressions or, maybe, there are some things I don't see here.

UPD: There is a followup in russian comments: you can find old website at It seems that, for now, they've just redesigned some of the first pages (for sponsors and etc.). I hope, they won't do to the same dirty interactive stuff to the old website.

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