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Hi all, Bitwise is an algorithm intensive programming contest organised by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of IIT Kharagpur. Prizes worth $4000 (INR 2 Lakhs) are on the cards. Allowed Programming Languages are C/C++/Java.

Bitwise is scheduled to be on 12th February 2012. The Contest will start at 1030 hrs and end at 2230 hrs (UTC)

Register here: Main Website:

The break up of the prizes are as follows:-

Global Top 3:- 1st Place: 60,000 INR (~**1200** USD) 2nd Place: 35,000 INR (~ 700 USD) 3rd Place: 25,000 INR (~ 500 USD)

Indian Top 3:- 1st Place: 10,000 INR 2nd Place: 6,000 INR 3rd Place: 4,000 INR

There are other prizes for the global Top 20 as well — So don't forget to participate!

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