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Recently I participated and got Rank 2 in Quick Code conducted by NSIT on Codechef. In the poster, they have mentioned prizes worth 25K (hopefully INR). On Codechef, they mentioned Cash prizes worth 25K.

I was excited that the prize money would be somewhere between (5K to 10K) in cash for Rank 2.But yesterday,I have mail that it was prize coupon from Codechef worth 500 and some coupon code attached(Maybe for CCDSAP).

I knew the person who got Rank 1.He has received some coupon which was expected to expire in next 8 hours from the time of receival.Later he negotiated it to 200 Codechef Laddus(a great deal I guess).

I have contacted them regarding website saying it as Cash prizes.But they were like prizes which are worth that cash.I dont know how 200 Laddus + 500 INR coupon + maybe some more prizes for ranks after 2 = 25K.

Its not that I am unhappy with the contest(The problems were okayish).Since it is a university contest, I believe there must have been funds worth 25K allocated by the management.Also NSIT is considered to be among good institutes in India.Hence, this was not expected from them.

Also people might feel, it is bad to post this way.But I think it should be addressed in public because there was no intent from their side when I called them.Also I feel Codechef takes a lot of care regarding many other aspects of external contest. Maybe its time for them to take care of this part too after the contest.Because it adds to their reputation at the end of the day.I want to make it clear that I understand it is not responsibility of Codechef.

Coming back to the Title of blog post

I do not think I will use that coupon.So I thought I will give it to a random person. Hence I created this form.I will message the 10th distinct handle who fills this form with the details of the coupon code.

PS: I have also not received some shirts from Hackerrank yet from long back(atleast 3 months old).So does anyone know how to contact them regarding this.

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By teja349, history, 4 months ago, In English,

Hi all,

We Computer Science Department at IIT Madras are hosting the contest comp.exe on Codechef(link) as part of our department fest Exebit.The contest will take place on 11th April,2018 at 21:00 IST.
The problemsetters and testers for the contest are me(teja349) and Megabidoof. Thanks to Toodifferent for helping us in preparation of the contest.
I personally feel problemset is around Div2 level.There will be 8 problems with ACM type scoring.The contest is team contest (teams of 2).Duration is 120 minutes.

There are prizes worth 6K (only for Indian participants).

Registrations for prizes: Register here before the contest starts to be eligible for prizes. Hope you enjoy the contest!!!Good luck and have fun.

Lets discuss problems after contest (if any).

UPD: Contest starts in less than 1hr.All the best!!!

Thanks for the participation!!

We are sorry that for the question GCD Queries segment tree solutions and sparse solutions could pass. Though we had a solution with complexity of O((q+n)*log(MAX_element)).We leave it for you to try it.

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By teja349, history, 5 months ago, In English,

I dont see any blog created for this contest.Also editorials seems to not be published yet.
My idea for E was bit long to code.But I see many people did it in short time.So can someone brief up with a good approach.
Also feel free to discuss other questions below.

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By teja349, history, 20 months ago, In English,

Hi all
I am using Kubuntu 16.04
I write code in c++ and compile it using g++ .I think the version of c++ is c++ 11.
whatever be the reason i cannot use auto,unordered map and some other things in my pc.
I have googled quite a bit about updating to c++ 14 or some more advanced version which supports above things atleast.But in vain,I couldn't find any thing helpful that solves my problem.

Can someone help me how to run program in c++14 in my system??
And also I see some experienced coders compile program using something different rather than just
g++ prog.cpp Can someone elaborate on this ???

BTW Happy New Year to all of you

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By teja349, history, 20 months ago, In English,

Assume there are 2 patterns P1 and P2 such that P1 is a substring of P2 which is nether prefix nor suffix.Then how does a KMP type on string T work
in this if we run aho corasick .will it detect string "of" or not

And also any good tutorial link on it will be apreciated
PS:I havent implemented it yet.I was studying it and I got this doubt as I read about its implementation

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By teja349, history, 21 month(s) ago, In English,

I have observed a fact while solving . The complexity of lower bound varies with type of iterator passed to it.

But a more weird fact is
1. the below lower bound takes O(log(n)) time
~~~~~ multiset< ll > set1; //some insert operation on multiset it=set1.lower_bound(val); ~~~~~

the question is Vasiliy's Multiset

here is my submission in which it took O(logn) when i used in above format here

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