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Hi friends,

I have my vacations for these 2 months and I am thinking to get better at Competitive Programming. So, I am targeting this post for those who are also planning to do the same and are unable to move to the next level.

I have made a github repository named Get Better at CP in 2 months. Here, I will be updating week wise reading material and practice problems to finish.

You can use this list to improve your skills since getting better will require a lot of efforts and practicing a lot of problems. So, the benefit of this task list will be that you will have a target each week to work upon and you will also be keeping track of your progress.

You can also learn some features of git and get familiar with READMEs, if you use this list and tick the items which you have completed. Please refer to the How to use this list? section for the same.

We can also start discussing these problems, for e.g. in the comments here (or some other ways you can suggest), so that we can help each other learn how to tackle different kind of problems in CP.

I know that there are various other lists available online like A2OJ ladders, Junior training sheets, etc. to organize the practice. But, it's hard to find other people doing the same set of problems and discussing those with them if you are stuck. Moreover, they aren't clearly organized in terms of topics. So, I think this can help eliminate that problem.

Your suggestions are welcome...

Edit: As per the suggestions received, a discussion group has been created. Please join if you are interested.

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When I search for any topic in the search section, it always shows No Results Found.

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