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Feel free to ask any questions below. It's hard to write an editorial that satisfies the need of everyone. The text format will be improved in a short time, so please wait a little bit. I hope you'll enjoy solving the problems :)

Official Implementations

A: http://ideone.com/jsXSst

B: http://ideone.com/YD7s4S

C: http://ideone.com/B9pjyi

D: http://ideone.com/nlPVW0

E: http://ideone.com/cwP55b

F: http://ideone.com/FfnJyp

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By zoomswk, 2 weeks ago, In English,

Hi, everyone!

Unfortunately, the round was moved two hours later. Sorry for the inconvenience.

It is my honor to announce that the Codeforces Round #408 rated for the second division is going to take place tomorrow at 16:35 UTC. As usual, participants from the first division will be able to participate out of competition.

As the author of this contest, I (zoomswk) would like to thank poomrokc, nisaruj, and Phoom for testing the problems, KAN and netman for their help in contest preparation, and MikeMirzayanov for the awesome Codeforces and Polygon platforms. Cute graphics in this round are designed by my friend Chonphuech Sripongtanakul, so thanks to her also!

In this round, you will be given 6 problems and 2 hours to solve them. Zane the Wizard, along with his puppy and his crush, will be asking for your help. It is advised that you read all problems and read them carefully.

As per tradition, the scoring distribution will be announced later.

I hope you will enjoy the problems.

Good luck! :D

UPD: The scoring distribution is 500-750-1000-1500-2000-2500.

UPD: The round has ended. Thanks everyone for participating. I'm deeply sorry that the problems turn out to be way harder than I expected. Please stay tuned for the editorial. T_T

UPD: The system testing is complete. Congratulations to the winners!

Div. 2 Winners

  1. Wissenschaft

  2. newcolas

  3. ckw1140

  4. VAVAvile

  5. pantelija

  6. Harmonica

  7. mateuszdanowski

  8. Mohammad_kilani

  9. Al2K

  10. LovelyPLY

Div. 1 Winners

  1. fanache99

  2. HellKitsune

  3. unused

  4. KrK

  5. petrescu

I sincerely apologize that slow input/output methods caused so many TLEs. Unfortunately, it is not possible to rejudge the submissions nor increase the time limit at this point. This is my fault, and I'm terribly sorry. I was not aware of this because my solutions run in < 500 ms of time limit in all problems. I hope you understand.

The editorial will be published in a few minutes, and I'll update this post when it's available.

UPD: The editorial is ready!

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