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# Name   Sort desc. Sort desc.
1431J Submit 3400  x8
1431I Submit 2900  x19
1431G Submit 2100  x81
1431H Submit 2600  x44
1431F Submit 2100  x113
1431E Submit 2000  x159
1431D Submit 1500  x287
1431C Submit 1600  x442
1431B Submit 1400  x554
1431A Submit 800  x773
1403C Submit 3200  x28
1403B Submit 2300  x224
1403A Submit 2400  x192
1402C Submit 2600  x117
1402B Submit 2900  x61
1402A Submit 1800  x676
1387C Submit 2900  x52
1387B2 Submit 2500  x282
1387B1 Submit 2100  x468
1387A Submit 2100  x357
1386C Submit 2800  x141
1386B Submit 2900  x70
1386A Submit 2700  x141
1356D2 Submit  x115
1356D1 Submit  x126
1356C Submit  x285
1356B2 Submit  x263
1356B1 Submit  x263
1356A5 Submit  x309
1356A4 Submit  x435
1356A3 Submit  x435
1356A2 Submit  x460
1356A1 Submit  x571
1346I Submit 2900  x21
1346H Submit 2700  x23
1346G Submit 2300  x102
1346F Submit 2000  x179
1346E Submit 1700  x260
1346D Submit 1600  x361
1346C Submit 1600  x430
1346B Submit 1400  x845
1346A Submit 1000  x1386
1297I Submit  x14
1297H Submit  x17
1297G Submit  x48
1297F Submit  x95
1297E Submit  x158
1297D Submit  x231
1297C Submit  x356
1297B Submit  x335
1297A Submit  x813
1275F Submit  x91
1275E3 Submit  x56
1275E2 Submit  x130
1275E1 Submit  x254
1275D Submit  x419
1275C Submit  x656
1275B Submit  x808
1275A Submit  x870
1211I Submit 3000  x20
1211H Submit 3100  x27
1211G Submit 2500  x47
1211F Submit 2300  x91
1211E Submit 2000  x153
1211D Submit 2000  x161
1211C Submit 1700  x374
1211B Submit 1500  x602
1211A Submit 1000  x766
1193B Submit  x220
1193A Submit  x110
1193C Submit  x19
1192A Submit  x43
1192C Submit  x258
1192B Submit  x354
1170I Submit  x19
1170H Submit  x27
1170G Submit  x52
1170F Submit  x93
1170E Submit  x211
1170D Submit  x344
1170C Submit  x646
1170B Submit  x827
1170A Submit  x1132
1160A2 Submit  
1115U3 Submit 1700  x186
1115U2 Submit 1600  x214
1115U1 Submit 1500  x232
1115G3 Submit 1600  x212
1115G2 Submit 1600  x290
1115G1 Submit 1100  x346
1057C Submit 2000  x427
1057B Submit 1400  x1296
1057A Submit 900  x2982
1001I Submit 1700  x373
1001H Submit 1200  x482
1001G Submit 1400  x496
1001F Submit 1300  x494
1001E Submit 1600  x518
1001D Submit 1400  x637
1001C Submit 1400  x606