Unordered_map vs map, which one should I use when?

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Hey all, I know that this is a very common topic and you are probably quite turned off by it but i still don't quite understand it. Please take the time to read through this post. Thanks a lot!

During the contest yesterday, I was solving 3SUM — closure: I figured out the logic to the question and started implementing it. I used unordered_map — passed the pretests — but then TLE'd on the main tests. This was my submission:

But then, i made some changes to this code and got AC. This was my next submission:

Notice the difference between these two pieces of code? Yes! I used a map instead of unordered_map. Now, I have read many threads and articles advising to use maps instead of unordered_maps in my life, for all sorts of reasons, like slow hash functions, frequent collisions which cause the use of buckets which slow the unordered_map down, etc. But in this case, the only thing I'm doing is inserting and using the unordered_map::count function. are these not examples of where the unordered_map's O(1) time complexity should beat the map's O(logN)? Unlike, for example, iterating through the map, in which case, using a map instead of unordered_map would be faster? I was specifically asking myself this question during the contest and because of the fact that this was the only thing I was doing, I chose to use unordered_map — which turned out to stab me in the back and lose me quite a bit of rating. Basically, my question is, during competitive programming, is there EVER a time in which I would want to use unordered_map instead of map?

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