Trie — C. Watto and Mechanism

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Hello coders,
Hope everyone's fine and doing well,

I need your help folk, I'm trying to solve this problem C. Watto and Mechanism and got stuck for a couple of days .

The problem in a nutshell : Given n strings then m queries (each query is a string) 0 <= n,m <= 3*10^5 for each query determine if the string mi exists in the set of n with at most one mismatch .

What I did : put all the n strings in a Trie then for each query traversal the trie and allow just one character to mismatch, if the query ended in a leaf then return true, else return false .

I'm not sure if this approach will pass in the TL but at least I think it's true .
Here's my code .
I'm still getting WA on test 6 and test 6 is too long to be shown, I really tried so many arbitrary test cases and my code could produce the right output for them I revised the code and the algorithm multiple times but could not find what's going wrong!

Any help would be highly appreciated,
Thanks in advance .

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